Self Cleaning Toilet

Nick den Boer

Award-winning director / Animator / Digital artist |Canada



A portable yet frightening public bathroom experience. This is an AR experiment where you can take your toilet with you anywhere and make any space your personal bathroom.

▼Click on the URL below to experience it.
AR ver
VR ver

<Impressions on using STYLY>
STYLY was pretty easy to use and the instructions were pretty clear. Lots of nice features and a great user interface. I think it will be pretty easy for beginners to figure out how to use it.
The main thing I wished for was to have control over lighting in the viewer. It was a bit difficult to guess at lighting levels when adding lights and environments but with some trial and error it worked out.

<Message for those who have never made AR/VR works before(or XR beginners)>
Have fun and challenge yourself. Apps like blender are free to use and there are lots of great tutorials online to learn how to do basic 3D modeling and animation. I always come up with ideas first, then learn the software as I go in order to realize my idea.
Anything is possible but sometimes a good yet simple idea is more effective than a really complex scene.


Nick den Boer

Award-winning director / Animator / Digital artist |Canada

Nick den Boer is an award-winning director, animator, and digital artist based in Toronto, Canada. He has developed a unique style, combining video remix and animation techniques under his online brand, “Smearballs”. Nick honed his skills working as a writer and bit creator for Conan O’Brien producing and remixing popular culture segments for the show. His groundbreaking short film “The Chickening” (a poultry-infused remix of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”) graced the screens of over 100 film festivals around the world including TIFF and Sundance. Nick’s unmistakable style has found a home in many productions. He has directed and produced award-winning ads for Old Spice and KFC, music videos and tours visuals for deadmau5 & Flying Lotus, and countless TV shows, films, and web and VR projects. Most recently Nick has made a name for himself in the NFT space and has found success selling his own artwork as well as collaborating on groundbreaking NFT projects with the likes of Beeple, Madonna, Eric Andre, and The Wu-Tang Clan.