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Imagine a future where medical treatments can be executed remotely in the form of immersive video games.

This idea was inspired by my friend, Grace, a German grandma who lives in my apartment building. She is a proud cancer survivor and she has convinced me that playing Space Invader for 15 minutes after every hospital visit was the key to curing her cancer. I have read several similar stories like this one in which patients dreamed about fighting against monstrous enemies in a video game and woke up fully recovered from their illness. I am intrigued by the prospect of immersive technology transforming these miracles into a universally practical cure.

Antibody is my speculative scenario situated in a near future with advancement in neuroscience and nanotechnology. The medical facilities are capable of sending skilled gamers into infection zones as antibodies and helping white cells build up immunity. These gamers are equipped with various experimental nano-weapons that enable them to behave differently in the field. In this quick mission for beginners, a broadsword nano-weapon is available for action.

To enhance the level of immersion, a specialized controller is available for gamers to replace the standard controllers that come with their VR headset. These specialized controllers, a.k.a data relics, usually resemble the look and feel of the nano-weapons in the virtual world. They are capable of harvesting kinetic energy and associated data in the real world to aid the medical facilities in improving the technology and training better antibody agents. Experienced gamers customize their personal data relic to access advanced game mechanics. In this submission, the simulation is designed for a standard VR controller, no data relic is required.

As a playful experience designer, I believe video games may contribute more to the world without compromising the fun. This is my attempt at envisioning a post-pandemic future with virtual gaming for social good and I hope you enjoy it.

PCVR and Standalone VR ONLY

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VR HMD is required for the ultra experience of the work. Learn how to experience it here.


Kyle Li

Mr. |United States

Kyle Li is a playful experience designer working and living in New York City. Experimental by nature, his body of work wraps around playful experiences manifested by interconnected physical and digital components. He has done a wide range of works from concert stage visual to airline cockpit data visualization to the award-winning game-and-learning installation at middle-schools in both NYC and Chicago.