Virtual Home of Mementos

Seira Uchida

Artist, Contemporary Bender |Japan




This is "Virtual Home of Mementos(VHM)", where things that cannot be thrown away, filled with memories and emotions, are stored (dedicated).
The VHM is a house for new folk beliefs in an age when various memories and emotions are in danger of going up in flames, and meeting others has become forbidden.
In the modern age, filter bubbles and echo chambers have been created, and people are avoiding getting involved with others who have a different way of thinking and revealing their memories and feelings. In addition, in Japanese society, the vestiges of the "family system," such as patriarchal thinking and the family register system, persist, and there is a strong tendency to believe that weaknesses should not be shown to others but should be taken care of within the "family". In response to this situation, I have created a new folk belief group, "Virtual Mementos Association(VMA)," which is a modern version of the ancient Jizo beliefs, and we are seeking a new form of "family" and "home" where people can encounter objects that contain memories and feelings of others, care for strangers, and coexist.
Since this activity is a new folk belief, we would like to make it practical socially, rather than just presenting it as a work of art in an exhibition.The acceptance system for VMA will be introduced on this site as needed.

VR HMD is required for the ultra experience of the work. Learn how to experience it here.


Seira Uchida

Artist, Contemporary Bender |Japan

Uchida is a conceptual performance artist and researcher who calls herself a “Bender” for the post-Internet era. She uses existing systems such as Amazon and YouTube in an approach that transforms the order of these circuits and questions the values and given usages that permeate our daily lives.
Her work often relates to the concept of Japanese “ie” (家). Ie is past Japanese familiy system, but it still remains. It is based on Patriarchal concept and contains “house”, “home”, “family”, even “company”. She performs in the system as a user by bending the rules, and tries to live together with what she cannot control.
Her major exhibitions and projects include “TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADs” (online) from 2020 and “SICF19 Winners Exhibition” (Spiral Hall, Tokyo) in 2019.


Fashion, music, film, graphic, illustration, etc.
A group of new cultural experience works created together with artists who can share the realistic feeling of the same era.