God Scorpion , FOODMAN

Media Artist Producer/DJ/Painter |Japan



FEST 2021

Since ancient times, the fox, which has adapted and inhabited many parts of the world, has existed in the folklore of many places as a symbol that serves as a medium for culture and religion. The fox, which can change into either a good omen or a bad omen depending on the story, expresses the seemingly contradictory state of being something and not being something. Road signs, on the other hand, are signals that have the property of making us judge and recognize the object. I want you to perform the hand signs with your own body, to participate in the rituals depicted in this work, and to be aware of your own active perception to judge and interpret the objects. The sign language symbol means "fox" or "close your mouth and open your ears.

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God Scorpion , FOODMAN

Media Artist Producer/DJ/Painter |Japan

【God Scorpion】
I create works based on the themes of witchcraft, technology, and the changing frames of time and space axes. My major works include "Stricker" adopted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Young Creator Cultivation Project in 2014 /DJ VR spatial jockey "Spatial Jockey" Tokyo Ritual, VR ritual work "NOWHERE TEMPLE Beta" in collaboration with Bangui Abdul /KYOTO EXPERIMENT 2016 , "zoo" directed by Chiaki Shinoda at Whuzen Peforming Art Festival / Director of VR counseling service HIKALY etc.

Profile FOODMAN is an electronic musician from Nagoya, Japan, whose debut album "Shokuhin" was released in 2012 on Orange Milk in New York. "Ez Minzoku" was selected as the best of the year by Pitchfork Experimental, FACT Magazine, Tiny Mix Tapes, etc. overseas, and the best of the year in the dance category by Music Magazine in Japan.
He has since appeared on Unsound, Boiler Room, and Low End Theory.
In July 2021, he released his latest album "Yasuragi land" on the UK label Hyperdub, and is also active in the unit "KISEKI" with Taigen Kawabe of Bo Ningen and the unit "Food Poisoning Center" with Masaya Nakahara. He has released a wide variety of works ranging from juke/footwork, electronics, ambient, noise, and house based on his unique indigenous background .

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