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Maillots de bain

Mask du Video


The work motif is Zoetrope. This work expresses how one front-end andback-end role links each other like a society that we constitute, and oneworld is composed. The title "Maillots de bain" is a swimsuit in French.




Mask du Video



Finished master course by Tokyo University of The Arts. Now I engaged in Video Making. I am working on the creation of VR works by taking advantage of the background that I've been making artworks live-action images. My real name is Hase.



I very much appreciated this project for it's disregard of convention. It broke the rules and I could sense the creator having fun with the strangeness of VR, and what it does to the viewers sense of space and balance. Relative to other works, this piece brought the space to the viewer, rather than have the viewer go to the space. I don't know exactly what the creator was trying to communicate, but I enjoyed the seemingly absurd and joyful quality throughout.

David OReilly


This work gives you wierd feeling (perhaps the best training for your semicircular canals), and it all depends on how long you can keep looking at it. The music had a good taste as well.

Hideki Matsutake
Musician,Synthesizer Programmer