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Immersive Photo Exhibition "The Beautiful Girl Has Killing Eyes"

chiepomme & Albina Albina & APOLIA


Quiet play in the forbidden flower garden.
As a pair, two beautiful shapes.
The story of girls being spun in a small world.

A prop that uses photogrammetry.
Mirage Camera that uses 180° stereo optic photographs.
Using these, I made a photo exhibit that will give you an experience.
By all means, please take a peek at the other side of the story from the small window.




chiepomme & Albina Albina & APOLIA

Art unit|Japan


Engineering.Music:chiepomme (@chiepomme):Using advanced engineering skills based on a fairy tale world view, VR.AR.Music: Continues to create works without being confined by genre.
Photographs.Props: Albina Albina (@_albinaalbina):Using photographs of live models and constructed sets as a basis, I draw ideal women. A beautiful girl is a beautiful beast living in a day dream. In a fleeting, mysterious world, beauty in the shape of a girl continues to be expressed.
Clothing:APOLIA Aya Fujisaki (@KOOOOUUUUKAAAA):Creating costumes and apparel items that have a foreign or story-like feel; based on the theme of a girl who can never break free [DOLICE] I work to create pieces for the one of a kind apparel brand of the same theme, APOLIA design.



In "Immersive Photo Exhibition", I could feel the deeper emotion through peeking into the mysterious space. The gallery space design attracts me and it makes me keep moving to explore every small hole on the wall with more and more curiosity. And this mysterious atmosphere matches the VR world so much!

Agi Chen


I also really liked this submission. Among the multitude of entries in which you walk around a wide space, the experience of being made to stealthily look around an enclosed space was different from other entries and refreshing. I was surprised and delighted by how the photos when peeked through the little windows looked three-dimensional. Among the entries that I looked at, (I think) there were none that featured incredibly complicated techniques, but they were covered by the ideas, and made me want to copy them and create a space.

Takuya Koyama