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Whisper National Park: Glowworm

Wyatt Roy


Last year I went to a glowworm cave in New Zealand. I spent two hours standing in the dark, photographing the glowworms. In that time, dozens of people came in talking, then one by one, they fell silent. The glowworms were so beautiful that it felt like you were looking at stars. People whispered secrets in the dark.
This VR piece is a collaboration with, a community art project where people send anonymous postcards with their deepest secrets and they are posted online. You are invited to explore their secrets in the dark, and leave a secret of your own (submit at secret at I built the mountain to be climbable, and there is a final secret at the top. I hope you enjoy this moment of stillness and vulnerability.
**Must be viewed on Oculus Rift or HTC Vive**




Wyatt Roy

Commercial filmmaker and VR artist|USA


Wyatt is a commercial filmmaker and VR artist. He was born in Washington, DC, USA, grew up in Sydney Australia, then moved back to America to get a BA in Psychology from Stanford University. He founded a creative agency called Maku ( that makes short, emotion-driven videos for social causes. He loves to listen to people’s experiences and distill their stories into short films and virtual reality. He is currently based in Boston, USA.