Tomoaki Seo


Decay, ruin, death.
The world full of inconvenient truths was covered up with fiction in order to deceive the eyes of the public. In that fiction, is a world where enthusiastic people continue to dance. That is "Fever".

The work aims at defining the culture made in the virtual world as "Dystopia culture", and the experience of "Enthusiasm" that is created from Dysopia culture. It creates "Enthusiasm" by placing exciting items in various places, such as, people who feverishly continue to dance, signboards that flicker on and off, and displays that float in the air. Further, it expresses the feeling of Dystopia with things like crowds of police that swarm the air and sea, and announcers making appeals to safety that flow like background music. For we who live modern society full of fiction, I aimed to create a work that would give a kind of awareness.




Tomoaki Seo

Creative Technologist / Interaction Designer|Japan


I was involved in web site and mobile app UI / UX design, interaction design mainly at three creative production companies. Currently, I am working as a creative technologist at a digital agency and have expanded the application range of technology to offline which lets me be involved in various projects from the stage of proposal. In my childhood, I noticed that I could do everything in the world in my head, after that often falling into a reverie. With the advent of virtual reality, there has been a paradigm shift that makes fantasies real experiences. For this reason, I am so excited about such technological progress today.