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Emma VR: Painting Life

Wyatt Roy


I was standing in my friend Emma's art gallery, looking at her paintings. They were big and beautiful, but I couldn't figure out what message they were trying to tell me. I wanted to be inside of her paintings. So I asked her to take me to her studio, where her paintings are born. She showed me the sculptures she makes, which she uses in her paintings. I was starting to understand, but something was still missing. That night, I fell asleep in her bedroom, and the pictures on her walls danced in my mind. I saw the stories that inspire her to sculpt and paint. I realized that I had stepped through her paintings, into her mind.
I want to give other people the chance to get to know the artist behind the artwork; to see the story behind the paintings.




Wyatt Roy

Commercial filmmaker and VR artist|USA


Wyatt is a commercial filmmaker and VR artist. He was born in Washington, DC, USA, grew up in Sydney Australia, then moved back to America to get a BA in Psychology from Stanford University. He founded a creative agency called Maku ( that makes short, emotion-driven videoes for social causes. He loves to listen to people’s experiences and distill their stories into short films and virtual reality. He is currently based in Boston, USA.



I personally wanted to give this work the gold prize. I thought I would simply be walking inside a normal and boring museum to look at some paintings, but then it got interesting when I realized that I could actually enter the paintings. It really took advantage of the strengths of VR, and both the graphics and coding were done in a very solid manner. By the way, I also liked the other work by him, Whisper National Park, as the message was appealing and the sound design was very delicately done.

m-flo ☆Taku
Music Producer Unit


My favorite films are ones that attempt what only films can do. My favorite novels are ones in which you read what can only be done in a novel. I love media-specific works. I think this work is VR-specific. The focus on the shifts in the sense of scale is a manifestation of this. As VR provides first-person perspectives, it can take advantage of the ”Oh I am now larger / smaller“ sense, which cannot be expressed with other media. That is what is wonderful about this work.

Gabin Ito