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The Birth

Virtual Caster Project


A mysterious virtual caster suddenly born in a devastated world. Follow the code extending from her and see underwater. We are preparing to lead people to a new world.
Who is she? Please also pay attention to future trends.




Virtual Caster Project

TV Producer / CG Creator / VR Artist|Japan


Virtual Caster Project is a team consisting of Cable TV station in Miyazaki prefecture, Cable Media WaiWai, CG production company Hinataya, character designer Tomatika, and VR artist Aimi Sekiguchi. You can go into the birth scene of the virtual caster that can only be seen with this work.



This work neatly integrated the underground world below our feet. One of the charms of VR is the vertical motion.
While it was possible to jump up and down in other works, this was the only work designed to encourage me to focus on my feet and to bend down. This small cue of bending down triggered a new experience. This wonderful work was full of fun experiences and surprises, all packed inside a small space. Congratulations!

Shingo Yanagisawa
Dell Inc. Alienware Marketing Senior Manager