Shape memory of you



Virtual reality has not reached a point where it gives people a feeling of reality that utilizes the whole body?
We lost our body in virtual reality. When the body is not present, physical sensations are dulled and any sense of reality when it comes to the body disappears. The mind floating on a sea of electrons is brought back to reality. Therefore, in the virtual world, my body remembers a strong sense of divergence with the real world.
Here, I made seven installations that evoke a sense of the body's reality, and shake physical sensations; it was a journey contained on a small storage device.
This is an experimental attempt that aims to restore the body and physical sensations that get lost in VR. And it is also a body-shaped, storage device Time Capsule for those who someday abandon their physical bodies and live in the electronic world.





VR space designer|Japan


Hirosuke Ichioka
Master's degree in Architecture. Major in Architecture history.
Now working in VR company in TOKYO.