By submitting an entry to this award, entrants agree to the following Terms and Conditions.


1. About Submissions

1-1. Submission requirements

We are calling for VR content works in the fields of fashion, culture and art that utilize the creative VR platform STYLY

Submissions that use additional tools in the production process, such as 3DCG, game engine, DAW, etc., are permitted however all submission must be made through the STYLY platform. Works that have already been announced may also apply.

1-2. Entry period

July 1, 2019 (Monday)-September 30, 2019 (Monday), 12:00PM (noon)(Japan time).


Entry is open to the public, including individuals, groups, and/or companies.

1-4 .Cost of entry

Submitting an entry is free of charge. Multiple entries are also permitted free of charge.

1-5. About the Submissions

Submissions must meet the following requirements
① URL of your work *Required

② Screenshot of your work *Required (more than 1 shot)

※Accepted image formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG

※Recommended image size is around 10MB

③ Explanation text (200 words) *Required

Please include a detailed explanation of the concept of the work and tools you used.

④Your Profile *Required

  1. Creator's name(Maximum 30 characters in English, required field)

  2. Country of residence (In English, required field)

  3. Name of the representative (In English, required field in the case of a group/company entry)

  4. Email address

  5. Applicant profile/Brief Biography (In English, recommended, maximum of 200 words)

⑤Video URL (Less than 5 min)*Optional

This is not mandatory but if you have a video introducing your submission (no more than 5 minutes), please upload it online and share the URL.

If privacy settings are set so as to require a password for viewing, please be sure to include the password on the entry form.

1-6. How to Enter

Entries for NEWVIEW Awards should be submitted on AWRD. AWRD is run by Loftwork, Inc. Entrants will need to create their own free user account to submit their entry.

2. About Copyright

The copyright of all submitted works shall belong to the entrant. However, upon submission, the entrant shall permit the NEWVIEW Project (Psychic VR Lab, PARCO, Loftwork, Inc.) to reproduce, modify and/or exhibit the works for marketing purposes without prior consent of the Entrant.

3. Schedule

Application period: June 1, 2018 (Friday) - July 31, 2018 (Tuesday), 12:00PM p.m. (noon) of July 31, 2018 (Tuesday) (Japan time).

Initial screening results announcement: August, 2018

Finalist works exhibition: August 2018 Venue: GALLERY X BY PARCO (13-17 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku)

Final Results Announcement : October 2018

4. About the selection process



· Novelty/Originality: Is there novelty or a uniqueness that has not been previously found in other VR content?

· Experience: Is the experience representative of a new expression of VR?

· Impact: Does it have sizeable impact on the fields of fashion, music and art?


The NEWVIEW Award Executive Committee will proceed with the initial screening and select finalists based on the submitted documents and photos. The judges will conduct the final review and decide the prize winners from the selected finalists.

5. Exhibition of Finalists Works

Finalists works will be shown at an exhibition in August, 2018.

6.Important Information Regarding Entry

6-1 Prohibition

Any fraudulent acts in the entry of works are prohibited.

Only works independently created and completed are eligible.

If using materials authored by third parties (artwork/photography/font/etc.) in submitted works, license to use copyrights and portrayal rights must be cleared by the entrant from the author. If materials infringing third party rights are used, the submitted work will be disqualified upon discovery.

The organizers are not liable for any and all claims of rights infringement or damage from any third party towards entrant(s) or organizer(s).

Any act interfering with the laws of Japan or any international law is prohibited.

Any act resulting in physical or mental damage, defamation, infringement on any right of any third party is prohibited. Any act against public policy is prohibited.

6-2 Disclaimer

Works that do not follow the requirements for entry or specification in the terms of entry will be disqualified.

There may be no winner awarded if in the opinion of the judges there are no entries of a winning standard.

We cannot make any answers to inquiries from entrants regarding the status of judgment or the results.

6-3 Personal Information

Personal information provided through this award will only be used for judgment or purpose of communication related to the proceeding of the award. Except for disclosing or providing to a consignee within an operationally necessary scope, personal information will not be disclosed/provided to a third party without the consent of such person.