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Yuki Matsuoka


Now that the internet and smart phones are always near by, the state of photography has changed a lot. Pictures were turned into data as digital media, then a flood of images were distributed to the web. Furthermore, in recent years with the advent of Instagram, aesthetics born from networks and mobile-exclusive characteristics are being advocated.
There's a magical nature when it comes to periods of invention. The media we call "Photographs" reflect people's desires. They are always linked to the politics of a new era. How will it emerge in VR space that is in the process of getting penetrated by advances in technology?
What is the aesthetic? Does it broaden the many problems with physicality? Prints are described as images taken with a depth camera and developed as a negative in VR space. While photogrammetry and 3D scanning are methods to reproduce the real world, in contrast, prints propose images be taken into VR space. In worlds simulated by a computer, I hope it will have a foothold as a "Natural pencil".




Yuki Matsuoka

Photographer / Programmer|Japan


Born 1991, Living in Tokyo(JP). 2016 Completed graduate school of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University. Interested in photograph as medium and the environment surrounding it.



A 2D image is a collection of analog (lines) and digital (dots). This means that if you get closer to it and view it from another angle, a 2D image becomes 3D, and it is interesting to observe and analyze these 3D constituents.
Just like analog and digital do in the field of music, I needed to fight a temptation to put music with a sense of depth to this work.

Hideki Matsutake
Musician,Synthesizer Programmer