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MaruTangle is a creation combining me and Zentangle art. Through this work, I am expressing what I felt in Kyoto using sound, dance, and art. It is a simple creation that consisting of footage viewed on a large screen. I created footage and music, and the music, dance, and art all come together, fusing Japanese culture with modern art. The rotating objects enabled the production as a single venue. With the rotating sun as the backdrop, I wanted to spread this throughout the world as a Japanese piece of art.Upon entering the sun, one will find the impressive MaruTangle. I would be happy if many people would look at it.
Thanks to the "NEWVIEW AWARDS 2018," I was able to create many pieces of art. I am grateful for being taught how fun new expressions in "an imaginary space" are.

Footage: created only with the iPhone X
Music: Made with Cubase Pro and ACID Music Studio
Art: Hand-drawn, Adobe Illustrator





Life Wave Artist|Japan


2005 School days. At first I started drawing pictures with my hobbies. I liked club music and he was also doing DJ. I started making music myself.

2008~2016 Work in a general company.

November 2016 Resume painting and music activities.

May 2017 Started art combining Maru(TAKAYUKI TOKUMARU) and Zentangle.It's called MaruTangle.

June 2018 Go to the NewView workshop and experienced the VR world. I want to express VR world by my own MaruTangle and challenge.

July 2018 Opened the official website of the artist.( Opened a fashion & smart phone case web shop. Activities in Kyoto and Hatoma Island.