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Emoco's First Private Exhibition



Hello, my name is Emoco, a virtual YouTuber. I stream a VR live painting on YouTube periodically. However, when it is a streaming video, my VR art becomes incomplete plane picture. So I decided to open a private exhibition in a virtual space. I exhibited original my arts and videos of painting process. It is probably the world's first private exhibition by a virtual painter. Please come to see my arts.





Virtual YouTuber / Virtual Artist|Japan


Apr. 2018
Born in a virtual world. / Started my YouTube channel.
May. 2018
Started a VR live painting in a virtual space.
Jun. 2018
Built a virtual museum "VMuseum" in VRChat.
Jul. 2018
Performed an AR painting at Itsukushima shrine in Hiroshima Japan.
Aug. 2018
Became an art history teacher at VR Academia. / Achieved 1000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. / Emoco's First Private Exhibition Held in STYLY.



This work was one of the few works which felt creator driven, and was the work of a single mind without using found objects created by others. It had a simple narrative and was not confusing to navigate, having pools of focused interest, rather than an open sprawl, and the space fit the works comfortably. Relative to other works, it contained a lot of motion - in the form of virtual motion capture - and this added a lot to its visual interest.

David OReilly

We had a lot of works with a museum-like approach this time while the locations are different. This work, however, stood out with a twist. The theme of a Vtuber making a work of art is in itself interesting, but I was drawn to the fact that the displayed work was being produced in front of my eyes. And the work that was being made was a pictorial sculpture where a three-dimensional picture was being drawn, and I found this approach to be particularly suited to digital art. The viewing experience of the displayed work came with a storyline.

m-flo ☆Taku
Music Producer Unit

I must first point out the significance of the nested box- or Hakone marquetry- or matryoshka-like structure of virtual reality, where a virtual artist participates in an award with ”VR,“ or ”virtual reality“ in its name. The “reality” of virtual reality might be more real to the virtual character Emoco-san than to us, physical beings. The ”works“ that Emoco-san produces are mediocre in a sense, but the way the space was organized into high and low along with other aspects raised the total quality of the work in my opinion.

Gabin Ito

First I really admire the idea of virtual authorship of youtuber "Emoco". It is approachable, changeable, and lively. "Emoco" indicates the potential lifestyle in our internet world. Second, the theme "Emoco's First Private Exhibition " could arise the audiences' imagination of creation in VR. Third, it's good to present the process of creating the works with VR technique in the exhibition scenes, that's what we can't do in the real world, and which makes the VR exhibition so different.
From above three points, I think this piece has pointed out many possible development of sequences VR film through it's own youtube channel, and it will provide a contemporary way for public to join the VR world.

Agi Chen

In terms of the degree of perfection, this work deserves the Gold Prize.
We can go through a maze-like room and enjoy various views by changing the angle and the height of the perspective, which embodies the fun and interesting experience of looking at manga illustrations.
The synchronization issue of the looping music was the only fly in the ointment.。

Hideki Matsutake
Musician,Synthesizer Programmer

I found it very interesting that a virtual YouTuber was livestreaming her VR art, which made the experience very interactive.
Perhaps we might be able to do a conference call in VR on design matters to express ideas and new ”forms“ and ”objects“ in the same way Emoco-san draws her VR art. It was really thought-provoking.

m-flo VERBAL
Music Producer Unit