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Are you Exclamation Alien as well?

Lin Chia Chieh (Orange)


Have you ever thought you are an alien as well? There is a Psychological test for you, you just answer the questions yes or no then pass the path you choose, you will know that are you alien or not. Can’t wait to know it!!!
★ The story of Exclamation Alien:
This is Exclamation Alien ‘s first time on Earth…But on his way to Earth, he forgot the mission he came for…So he comes to a decision! He will head for many other places, meet different people on Earth, create stories of exclamation mark and collect the pieces and complete his mission!
Exclamation Alien is from Exclamation planet. His noses in the shape of an exclamation mark. He trying to make some more exclamation stories in earth.
Let's get to know the outer space along with Exclamation Alien!




Lin Chia Chieh (Orange)



I am Orange, an illustrator from Taiwan with a specific interest in drawing and creating wall murals. I have spent time drawing and painting in Asia and Europe, cultivating my ideas and techniques to incorporate a wide variety of cultural inspiration. I have also worked in film, radio and other entertainment media in Taiwan as an actress and broadcaster. I am seeking opportunities to share my cultural and creative experiences. The Exclamation Alien is a character that appears in all my work. Always surprised, always excited, the Exclamation Alien brings a sense of wonder and optimism.