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Yousei Mine


The concept is the house I live in Shibu House. I tried to express the experience that I can not distinguish between reality and VR even if I remove VR by making VR that I put in ShibuHouse while staying at ShibuHouse. I have a VR in my work. In VR, I am watching ShibuHouse VR. In other words, within VR I can experience the VR world I am seeing in VR. Works made by residents actually living in ShibuHouse will appear in the work. I call it a dive to enter VR in VR. I am doing 2 dives in my work.
You can see the cat in the box of Schleedinger and the state of double slit experiment in the work. This is my thought on the relationship between VR and quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics where 0 and 1 are mixed. A virtual space created using 0 and 1. If you jump out of the outer wall of the house inside the work and looking down, you may notice the existence of the box and you will know the world.




Yousei Mine

Interaction designer|Japan


My age is 22 and I am student who study economics in Japanese University. I will go to NY.