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Personal Space

Takatomo Hashiguchi


I tried to create a space that is united with the music by Matsutake-san. Listening to it, I got an impression of "begging" ,"expanse'', and "heartbeat". As I thought about "space", I found "Womb" is the original personal space everyone had in the beginning. My wife just got pregnant as I start to create, so I created with a wish for a safe delivery. The meaning of the objects are below.
The skeltons implies that the baby is close to the death and fragile. So, parents keep an eye on the baby with careful, and put hands beneath. Toys stand for an expectation of parents. The other wall shows the annoyance of the outside.




Takatomo Hashiguchi

XR engineer beginner|Japan


age: 26
It was the first time I created a work except in school days. I'm a beginner of Unity, Styly and other CG tools. I'd like to create VR games and applications.
[Work experience]
Venture Capital as a consultant.

SNS company as a sales rep.

Thank you for watching my work!