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Myth Building

Trudy Erin Elmore


Plumbing the depths of Occult mysticism, Myth Building draws on embedded symbolic references of our collective unconscious. Existing in an ethereal realm and suspended in deep beliefs :) this work plays with new and old imagery, storytelling and scale. Like Pompeii, the world is frozen. Trapped in the time line of a broken heart and the subsequent search for meaning post devastation. Through practice— artistic, meditative and spiritual we emerge from the ruins. Finding new meaning laden in the substrate of our culture, timeless stories and rich pros resurrect the soul.
Housed by STYLY, inspired by experience, Myth Building is a visual representation of the individual’s journey. STYLY functions as a container for the sculpts, unlike the institutional white walls of a gallery, the platform allows for full immersion and more intimate exploration of the avatars in this virtual sculpture garden.




Trudy Erin Elmore

Creative Director / CG Specialist / Artist / Animator|Canada


Obsessed with mythology and technology, Trudy Elmore is best known for translating the dramatic narrative and theatrical posturing of classical painting into the digital realm. Based in animation, installation and print, her practice explores issues of impermanence and technological evolution. Elmore won the Governor General's Award and EQ Bank's Emerging Digital Artist Award, recently she was hosted by Harvard University and VRTO as a guest speaker.